Welcome to the new Air Force ROTC Xnet

We redesigned Xnet in December 2008 to create a system that is user friendly, structurally upgraded, and enhanced with new features and streamlined processes. We hope you enjoy it.

What is the purpose of Xnet?

Xnet’s purpose is to serve Air Force ROTC recruitment strategies. The site offers a one-stop shop application to RDAs, RFCs, and HQ personnel to plan, manage, and review activities around recruitments.

What can I do on the site?

RDAs and RFCs will use this site to order local detachment advertising, Air Force ROTC Special Promotional Items (SPIs), request approval for Center of Influence (COI) events, and submit appropriate reports.

What’s new?

  • Account Balance Preview

  • Improved Navigation

  • Catalog Imagery Updates

  • Improved Reporting

  • E-mail Alerts for Pending Actions

Problems and Feedback: Expect a few kinks. We are in the process of fixing problems as well as adding new features as a result of your feedback. Please be patient with us as we continue with the process.

We want to hear every problem and suggestion.

Capt Joseph W. Siler                                                                                                               Phone: 334-953-2278
Email: Joseph.Siler.2@us.af.mil

Ms. Linda Colvin
Phone: 334-953-5908
Email: Linda.Colvin@us.af.mil

- Your Air Force ROTC Xnet Staff

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